I/we herewith make application to ITL Inc (hereinafter “Vendor”) for credit and/or to update and reconfirm of our existing account and balance. The undersigned gives and grants Vendor, or their agent, permission to verify or re-verify all information stated herein at any time. I/we hereby agree that all credit granted and/or extended shall be paid timely in accordance with Vendor’s normal terms. I/we affirm that all information supplied is true and correct.

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Should Purchaser default on any obligation under this agreement and the Supplier refers this account to his attorney for collection and/or legal action, Purchaser agrees as follows: to pay the principal due, attorney fees and all costs of any nature incurred by the Supplier to pursue the delinquent obligation. In addition, 25% of the principle amount due shall be added to the principle as liquidated damages to cover any an all-additional expenses to Supplier. In the event of a dispute or litigation between the parties, it is hereby agreed that jurisdiction and venue shall vest in either Los Angeles County, California, Central District or Orange County, California, Central District at the sole discretion of the Supplier. All other venues are hereby expressly waived.

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